30 Nov 2011
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Kay’s story

In the mid nineties my life sort of fell apart, I got ill and it was put down to my stressful job. It took a year and a six hour operation to put that right and then, just »

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18 Nov 2011
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Marguerite’s story

Where else but in Wotton would you find such a happy conjunction of scenery, community and activities?  From your own front door you can walk, run, or cycle along the many »

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2 Nov 2011
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Your story?

Wherever you are in the world, we want to gather stories about what your community means to you and publish as many of them here as we can.  We’ll even help you write them »

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24 Oct 2011

Caroline’s story

In the UK one in eight women, a massive 48,000 every year, get diagnosed with breast cancer. For some reason I never expected it to happen to me, but then, last year, it did. »

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31 Aug 2011
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Katie’s Story

So, why am I doing all this? Quite simply, because this community has helped and supported me through difficult times and I want to give something back. And the more I’ve »

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