Sing with us

We’d like to invite you to learn the song and sing with us, no matter where you are.

You don’t have to be a confident or experienced singer – we’d just love you to join in.

Here are the three different parts of the chorus of the song. You can choose whether to sing the tune, the high harmony or the low harmony. It’s completely up to you – learn all three if you fancy!

Alley and Ruth sing the tune

Phoebe and Jenny sing the high harmony

Paul and Sam sing the low harmony

And if you’d prefer to learn it from sheet music, here you go: Sheet music for chorus-2

Perhaps you’d like to let us know how many of you are learning the song and tell us how you’re getting along?

And if you’d like to film yourselves singing, we’d love you to mail us some footage so that we can upload it to this site.

Our community has already made lots of new friends around the world through Meet Me in Winter. We’d love to make some more!