Yesterday, Ian and I met in London to deliberate over which voices would work best on the solo lines of the song. We were looking for a very specific sound and were particularly keen to find strong voices which would blend easily throughout.

There were several excellent singers who would have been chosen had the song been pitched a little lower or higher – particular mention to James Aldridge here. Others would have been perfect had we been aiming for a more classical or musical theatre approach – for example, Alex Hewitt, Dan Magnone and Rachel Mosley.

However, after consultation with Anthony, we narrowed it down to the following twelve:

Molly Chinner, Ruth Jarvis, Alley Lloyd, Phoebe Magnone, Paul Marshall, Sam Rice, Clara Sanders, Will Sanderson-Thwaite, Jenny Shrimpton, Lillie Wadey, Lauren Walker and Joe York.

We would like to invite Molly, Ruth, Alley, Phoebe, Paul, Sam, Clara, Will, Jenny, Lillie, Lauren and Joe to rehearse with us specially over the next few days, prior to the studio recording of the soloists on the afternoon/evening of Sunday 18th Sept. At this point we can’t guarantee who will be singing what – some may get solo lines, others duets or small group harmony parts – but we’d like you all to learn all of the song and see where we get to!

Soloists – there are three things you need to do next:

1. Please register on this site so we have everyone’s info on our database. Without this, there’s a danger you may miss out on information.

2. Once you’ve read this, please post a comment or email me directly, so that I know you’re up to date and available.

3. Watch out later today for dates and times of rehearsals, which will appear on the site in the next few hours…

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